Holy Family Bocce Club Schedules and Standings


Welcome to our schedules and standings page.

PLEASE NOTE: Any scheduling difficulties should be brought to the attention of Cathy Phelan.

You can refer to this site in the event you are unsure when matches will be played. The court status will be posted here. If you have any questions and would like to contact us head over to our contact page (click here) and submit your question. One of us will get back to you as soon as possible.


Blue League

Chips Ahoy65125
Holy Rollers64214
The Big LaBocce43123
Every Bocce Wang Chung Tonight42232
Bada Bing Bada Bocce42202
With Open Arms42202
Bocce Galoop21111
Jack N' Jill Bocce41311
La Bocce Vita21111

White League

Pallino Stikers64244
On Call64204
Fuhgetta Bocce63323
Poker Pals42202
Wanna B Saints61531
Bocce Bashers20200
The Late Bloomers40400

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Upcoming Games - Spring 2023

3-AprMonBada Bing Bada BocceBocce Bashers6:00 PMB
3-AprMonBocce BashersFrogmen6:00 PMA
10-AprMonLa Bocce VitaBocce Galoop6:00 PMB
10-AprMonPoker PalsThe Late Bloomers7:30 PMB
10-AprMonThe Big LaBocceJack N' Jill Bocce7:30 PMA
11-AprTueD'Bocce'REWanna B Saints6:00 PMA
11-AprTueJack N' Jill BocceOn Call6:00 PMB
11-AprTueFuhgetta BoccePoker Pals7:30 PMA
11-AprTueLa Bocce VitaBada Bing Bada Bocce7:30 PMB
12-AprWedWith Open ArmsFrogmen6:00 PMA
12-AprWedEven-StevenThe Big LaBocce6:00 PMB
12-AprWedBocce BashersThe Late Bloomers7:30 PMA
12-AprWedPallino StrikersChips Ahoy7:30 PMB
13-AprThuHoly RollersEvery Bocce Wang Chung Tonite6:00 PMA
13-AprThuUntouchablesBocce Galoop6:00 PMB
17-AprMonChips AhoyJack N' Jill Bocce6:00 PMB
17-AprMonBocce GaloopWith Open Arms6:00 PMA
18-AprTueBada Bing Bada BocceThe Big LaBocce6:00 PMA
18-AprTueBocce BashersFuhgetta Bocce6:00 PMB
18-AprTuePoker PalsWith Open Arms7:30 PMA
18-AprTueBocce GaloopHoly Rollers7:30 PMB
19-AprWedThe Late BloomersWanna B Saints6:00 PMA
19-AprWedEvery Bocce Wang Chung ToniteOn Call6:00 PMB
19-AprWedEven-StevenUntouchables7:30 PMA
20-AprThuFrogmenLa Bocce Vita6:00 PMA
20-AprThuD'Bocce'REPallino Strikers6:00 PMB
25-AprTueFuhgetta BocceThe Late Bloomers6:00 PMA
25-AprTueOn CallBocce Galoop6:00 PMB
25-AprTuePallino StrikersWanna B Saints7:30 PMA
25-AprTueChips AhoyEvery Bocce Wang Chung Tonite7:30 PMB
26-AprWedUntouchablesBada Bing Bada Bocce6:00 PMA
26-AprWedWith Open ArmsBocce Bashers6:00 PMB
26-AprWedLa Bocce VitaPoker Pals7:30 PMA
26-AprWedHoly RollersEven-Steven7:30 PMB
27-AprThuThe Big LaBocceFrogmen6:00 PMA
27-AprThuJack N' Jill BocceD'Bocce'RE6:00 PMB
1-MayMonBocce GaloopChips Ahoy6:00 PMA
2-MayTueOn CallEven-Steven6:00 PMA
2-MayTueWanna B SaintsJack N' Jill Bocce6:00 PMB
2-MayTueFuhgetta BocceWith Open Arms7:30 PMA
2-MayTuePoker PalsThe Big LaBocce7:30 PMB
3-MayWedBada Bing Bada BocceHoly Rollers6:00 PMA
3-MayWedBocce BashersLa Bocce Vita6:00 PMB
3-MayWedEvery Bocce Wang Chung ToniteD'Bocce'RE7:30 PMB
4-MayThuFrogmenUntouchables6:00 PMA
4-MayThuThe Late BloomersPallino Strikers6:00 PMB
8-MayMonEvery Bocce Wang Chung ToniteLa Bocce Vita6:00 PMA
8-MayMonChips AhoyEven-Steven6:00 PMB
9-MayTueHoly RollersFrogmen6:00 PMA
9-MayTueUntouchablesPoker Pals6:00 PMB
9-MayTueWith Open ArmsThe Late Bloomers7:30 PMA
10-MayWedThe Big LaBocceBocce Bashers6:00 PMA
10-MayWedD'Bocce'REBocce Galoop6:00 PMB
10-MayWedJack N' Jill BoccePallino Strikers7:30 PMA
10-MayWedLa Bocce VitaFuhgetta Bocce7:30 PMB
11-MayThuOn CallBada Bing Bada Bocce6:00 PMA
11-MayThuWanna B SaintsEvery Bocce Wang Chung Tonite6:00 PMB
16-MayTueFuhgetta BocceThe Big LaBocce6:00 PMA
15-MayMonBada Bing Bada BocceChips Ahoy6:00 PMA
16-MayTueBocce GaloopWanna B Saints6:00 PMB
16-MayTueEvery Bocce Wang Chung TonightPallino Stikers7:30 PMA
16-MayTueWith Open ArmsLa Bocce Vita7:30 PMB
17-MayWedEven-StevenD'Bocce'RE6:00 PMA
17-MayWedBocce BashersUntouchables6:00 PMB
17-MayWedThe Late BloomersJack N' Jill Bocce7:30 PMB
18-MayThuPoker PalsHoly Rollers6:00 PMA
18-MayThuFrogmenOn Call6:00 PMB
23-MayTueUntouchablesFuhgetta Bocce6:00 PMA
23-MayTueD'Bocce'REBada Bing Bada Bocce6:00 PMB
23-MayTueThe Big LaBocceWith Open Arms7:30 PMA
23-MayTueWanna B SaintsEven-Steven7:30 PMB
24-MayWedJack N' Jill BocceEvery Bocce Wang Chung Tonite6:00 PMA
24-MayWedPallino StrikersBocce Galoop6:00 PMB
24-MayWedLa Bocce VitaThe Late Bloomers7:30 PMA
24-MayWedHoly RollersBocce Bashers7:30 PMB
25-MayThuChips AhoyFrogmen6:00 PMA
25-MayThuOn CallPoker Pals6:00 PMB