Holy Family Bocce Club Schedules and Standings


Welcome to our schedules and standings page.

PLEASE NOTE: Any scheduling difficulties should be brought to the attention of Cathy Phelan.

You can refer to this site in the event you are unsure when matches will be played. The court status will be posted here. If you have any questions and would like to contact us head over to our contact page (click here) and submit your question. One of us will get back to you as soon as possible.


Blue League

Pallino Stikers12102410
Wanna B Saints107347
Chips Ahoy127537
Jack N' Jill Bocce126616
Poker Pals124834
Every Bocce Wang Chung Tonight104604
Bocce Bashers123923

White League

Bada Bing Bada Bocce128448
The Big LaBocce127547
Fuhgetta Bocce127527
La Bocce Vita127517
Holy Rollers126646
The Late Bloomers126626
On Call125755
Bocce Galoop125735
With Open Arms123923

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Upcoming Games - Fall 2023

25-SepMonWanna B SaintsEvery Bocce Wang Chung Tonight 6:00 PMA
26-SepTueThe Big LaBocceThe Late Bloomers6:00 PMA
26-SepTueBocce Galoop Untouchables6:00 PMB
26-SepTueLa Bocce VitaPoker Pals7:30 PMA
26-SepTueFrogmenBocce Bashers7:30 PMB
27-SepWedEvery Bocce Wang Chung Tonight Even-Steven6:00 PMA
27-SepWedOn CallChips Ahoy6:00 PMB
27-SepWedPallino StrikersJack N' Jill Bocce7:30 PMA
27-SepWedD'Bocce'ReWith Open Arms7:30 PMB
28-SepThuFuhgetta BocceWanna B Saints6:00 PMA
28-SepThuBada Bing Bada BocceHoly Rollers6:00 PMB
3-OctTueEven-StevenFuhgetta Bocce6:00 PMA
3-OctTueWanna B SaintsFrogmen6:00 PMB
3-OctTuePoker PalsBada Bing Bada Bocce7:30 PMA
3-OctTueJack N' Jill BocceThe Late Bloomers7:30 PMB
4-OctWedBocce BashersOn Call6:00 PMA
4-OctWedWith Open ArmsPallino Strikers6:00 PMB
4-OctWedUntouchablesHoly Rollers7:30 PMA
4-OctWedChips AhoyLa Bocce Vita7:30 PMB
5-OctThuThe Big LaBocceEvery Bocce Wang Chung Tonight 6:00 PMA
5-OctThuBocce Galoop D'Bocce'Re6:00 PMB
10-OctTueLa Bocce VitaBocce Bashers6:00 PMA
10-OctTuePallino StrikersBocce Galoop 6:00 PMB
10-OctTueD'Bocce'ReHoly Rollers7:30 PMA
10-OctTuePoker PalsChips Ahoy7:30 PMB
11-OctWedThe Late BloomersWith Open Arms6:00 PMA
11-OctWedOn CallWanna B Saints6:00 PMB
11-OctWedEvery Bocce Wang Chung Tonight Jack N' Jill Bocce7:30 PMA
11-OctWedBada Bing Bada BocceUntouchables7:30 PMB
12-OctThuFrogmenEven-Steven6:00 PMA
12-OctThuFuhgetta BocceThe Big LaBocce6:00 PMB
17-OctTueWanna B SaintsLa Bocce Vita6:00 PMA
17-OctTueWith Open ArmsEvery Bocce Wang Chung Tonight 6:00 PMB
17-OctTueBocce BashersPoker Pals7:30 PMA
17-OctTueBocce Galoop The Late Bloomers7:30 PMB
18-OctWedUntouchablesD'Bocce'Re6:00 PMA
18-OctWedHoly RollersPallino Strikers6:00 PMB
18-OctWedChips AhoyBada Bing Bada Bocce7:30 PMA
18-OctWedEven-StevenOn Call7:30 PMB
19-OctThuJack N' Jill BocceFuhgetta Bocce6:00 PMA
19-OctThuThe Big LaBocceFrogmen6:00 PMB