Welcome To Our Bocce Info Page

We know you have the rules and regulations & club bylaws which you can view and/or download. If you learn better by seeing, we found this helpful video which is shot at a location on our own Nashville!!

In our video section (click here) we have a couple of informational videos you will get a great idea of the basics of the game and how much fun it will be! It's worth some of your time and we think it will answer many of your questions. NEW: How to use our digital measuring device.

Of course, should you have any other questions you can direct them to our esteemed club president, Chuck Mauro. Most of you have his email but if you don't you can send him a message by filling out this form below.


Club Officers

Chuck Mauro - President/Treasurer

Ted Duello - Vice President

Joyce Ciccarelli - Secretary

Cathy Phelan - League Director

Jay Wasack - Scorekeeper/Website

Important Documents

Below are the club rules and by-laws. You may view online or download and print for your convenience.

Contact Us

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please send us a message by filling out the form below and we will get back with you shortly.


Our Bocce Flux Capacitor

HFCC Bocce Club has a custom made electronic measuring device. We expect this will provide an accurate and FAST method of measuring ball distance

Bocce Scoring

Scoring is not as complicated as you may think. Check out this video to give you some more ideas about scoring.

Intro to bocce video

Here's a great video which should help you to understand the basics and "feel" of playing a match.